All High Kicks and Gleaming Teeth

My sister came to visit for Christmas, and we decided to have a day in the city. We did a little shopping, had lunch at Balthazar, shopped a little more and then  headed to Radio City Music Hall home of The Rockettes!!

Seeing The Rockettes one thing that I always thought I should do, but never got round to. It’s a New York institution, like going to the top of the Empire state building or see the Statue of Liberty.

An Impressive crystal chandelier tree hangs in the lobby of the iconic Radio City

My excitement was building, The lobby really sets the tone and one could really imagine what it was like way back in the day was this was the hottest ticket in town.

The eye is drawn down into a cavern orchestra seats and ends with a magnificent swath of red velvet

At this point I have a flash back to my youth and remember the scene from Annie when Daddy Warbucks takes her to Radio City and the ushers are showing them to their seats. I love that movie.

One word to describe this place is HUGE!! It’s vast, I feel so tiny waiting excitedly in my seat.

There were pretty decorations hung high in the rafters.

The was an organ players on each side began to play, then the curtains were raised and the orchestra floated towards the audience. Next appeared 6 performers dressed as ushers (3 on each side) and they welcomed us all to Radio City.

I won’t give the rest of the show away. Yes it is a little saccharin sweet and a little stuck in the past and probably not everyones taste, but I loved it as did my Sis.

Two happy girls

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