New Year Healthy Start

Between the binge of Thanksgiving  and the onslaught of Christmas over-eating I decided that I need to have a more healthier life so I began juicing. I dug my juicer out of storage and began a healthier start to my day. In my head I say to myself, ” If I start the morning with fresh juice then the rest of the day will surely follow suit.” Who am I kidding, this is not the case everyday. Somedays it’s just a downward spiral after the juice, but I least I’ve had ONE thing fresh and healthy.

Over the Christmas season I fell off the wagon, partly due to the fact that I had brunt the motor out on my juicer and partly because there were soooo many people at The Croakery and a lot to do. So a new year and a new juicer, I’m ready to begin again.

I try to have a whole spectrum of colours, but as you can see I’m missing purple today, Vegetables balance out the sweetness of the fruit

There’s a handy dandy pusher so I don’t have to get my fingers near the blade

It goes in solid and comes out juicy goodness

The pulp is contained in a outer chamber. The way it settles in layers reminds me of sand art

Mix it together and down it goes

The pulp may seem like a waste, but you can use it in muffins or breads, and I sometimes put it in the garden for the birds

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