Toasting Marshmallows

Winter up at The Croakery is pretty cold and the wind whips around the house howling as it goes. Something I love to do to forget about the dropping temperatures is lose myself in the glow and cackle of a fire.

I find the flames so inviting and mesmerizing.

Where there is fire, there should always me a toasting fork and a bag of marshmallow nearby.

The last time Marie came to visit, I didn’t have any proper toasting forks so we used bamboo skewers instead. A great idea in theory, but in reality there were singed knuckle hairs and very warm faces from sitting to close.

This visit, Marie was luckier and was able to toast from a safer distance.

Perfect! Toasted on the outside and gooey & warm in. This pair are ready to slip right off the fork.

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