Yarn windin’

I have many clutter problem area; boxes and bins, a basement, and a storage unit. I decided to start slowly, something that my very short attention span could deal with, my yarn hamper. From the outside it’s a very nice basket with a lid, However inside is a different story..

A big tangled mass of lovely yarns


As you can see, there are half knitted pieces and swatches, all casualties of my craft A.D.D. I very paitiently and gently untied tangles and knots until I had each yarn on it’s own. Then the winding began.

The bowl contains the yarn and keeps it clean

The yarn like to dance about the floor. The I began to…

I wound





wind some more

Until finally (after a few hours) I had….

nice neat balls of yarn

Originally I was going to house them in the same hamper, but knew that sooner or later I would have to spend yet another afternoon detangling and winding. So I set off to find some new storage. Preferably plastic and stackable with little compartments for each ball.

I almost purchased an ornament box, yeas it had compartments, but you had to dismantle it to get to the middle, not going to work. And the boxes I saw with individual compartments were too small.

Then I stumble upon this..


Plastic, yes. Stackable, yes. Individual compartments, no. What it does have is the ability to add more layers.

I love that the yarn will be in a single layer and that I can see in easily from the outside. It was $10.00 from Target and I’m on my way to get a couple more.

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