OH Florrie…

Indeed oh Florrie. Ever since the weather turned chilly and the heating has been on, I have been checking (and Cobra Commander has been reminding me) the gauge in the oil tank making sure that supplies don’t get too low. I kept a loose eye on it over the festive period, but a couple of days ago my water didn’t get hot. I shrugged it off and thought that we had just used it all up and we needed to let it reheat. But then the house got cold and despite me turning up the thermostat it just wasn’t getting any warmer. OH NO! I went down to the basement, had a good hard look and the oil gauge and saw it was on empty. Not a single drop was left. WHAT, how? It wasn’t because I had neglected to check, no, it was that I had read it incorrectly the entire time.  So we spent a very cold night  bundled up at The Croakery.

Ron, my oil man delivered a tank load around lunch time the next day. Yay, finally we can get warm……not quite so easy. I waited a while and still there was no heat. Back downstairs I went to look at the oil burner. Nothing appeared to be happening. In my very limited knowledge of heating systems I do know that there should be a flame somewhere inside. I didn’t have one.

I read the restart instructions, and scratched my head and called for help. The Bottini man gave me a five-minute lesson over the phone with the aid of the internet and instructed me to conquer the burner. Armed with my tools. I was ready. Fingers crossed I don’t blow up The Croakery.

Me versus the machine

I had to find the little black nozzle.

I spy with my little eye..

Step one easy enough.

There's a spanner in the works

Step two, loosen the nut, but be careful not to strip it. This was so tight it took all my strength and a few prayers to get it.

Sputter sputter whizz

Step three.  Bleed the trapped air out.  A cup at the ready,once the air is gone the oil comes out in a steady stream.

Black gold

YAY!! Result. After a little spillage I manage to tighten the nut and stop the flow.

The moment of truth

Ok, air removed, nut retightened, it’s time to press the red button. After the one press and a few seconds wait nothing. I press it again and click click


It worked, fire in the burner = heat and hot water.

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