Wedding album part 1

I’ve been married to Cobra Commander for almost five years and have been meaning to make a wedding album scrapbook. I start it, then get stumped and put it away for a year or so. I want it to be a bit more than photos stuck on a page.  So this year, I aim to finish it.

The album

I covered the album in lace left over from my wedding dress.


The lace is silver and is embellished with white and silver beads and sequins. The bottom has a scalloped edge and the over all feel is delicate and antique.

The closure

The album will be closed with a napkin tie from my wedding. I embroidered the date of the wedding onto petersham ribbon and afixd a button to one end to thread the tail through.  Each guest had one of these around their napkin.

Beginning with the past

I thought it would be fun to adorn the first pages with photographs of CC and myself when we were little. He was such an adorable little boy, look at that smirk.

What's to come

What's to come

So the easy part is finished, now to sort through the photos and get started.

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