January Paper Challenge Reveal!

The day has come to show you what we’re made of… The challenge was laid out at the beginning of the year, and now the time has come to unveil what we did with our fun circus paper.

I wanted to make something fun for my nephew, who is turning four this month (he and I actually share a birthday!).  He is totally into books and is learning to read. I decided to make him some fun bookmarks so that he can keep track of where he left off.

I just used some bright colored embroiderly floss and a sharp sewing needle to stitch his name down the center of the paper.

I cut out the shapes and glued them together to hide the back side of the embroidery. After the glue had dried a little I weighed it down with a book to keep it flat as it dried the rest of the way. I punched a hole at the top and made a tassle out of more embroidery floss.

Now Kieron has some fun bookmarks!

Love, Marie

I was racking my brain with this challenge. I’d stare at the paper and brainstorm. I thought about making some kind of book, or something or The Tiny Terror, but none of those ideas really worked. It was three days before the deadline and I had nothing! It was until I was scrolling through my photographs, looking for something else that I found my inspiration.


A photograph of myself when I went to trapeze school. So with my inspiration in hand I set to work.

The finished product

I took an acrylic frame, removed the back and lines it with that circus paper. I cut out the top of the circus tent and mounted it on the the edge of the frame with super glue. And finally add the cut out photo of my self with I’d backed with card.

She flies through the air

Now I have a fun way to remember an excellent day.

xoxo Florrie

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