A little Face-Lift

My new roommate and I decided that our home needed a little dose of sunshine, a face lift and a new vibe. We will begin sanding, spackling and painting in early February, but I thought that today would be a great chance to document the process. Here are some snapshots of our front hall and kitchen. The previous occupant had a flair for dramatic design, and it was really creative. It just isn’t the tone that we want to set. 

We have some great ideas floating around in our heads. In the hallway we want to make a space that is sunny and bright. There is very little external light so we want to ramp up the reflected light factor, and we wanted to bring some cheer into the dark space. The color that we are leaning toward is called Banana Cream. I know! Doesn’t that sound delicious! It’s sunny and bright without being an over powering yellow. Some color swatches will be applied soon so that we can try it on for size.

In the kitchen we were thinking that we would go for something serene and green. Something mossy and sage-y, but on the pale side so that the space remains light and bright. The cabinets will get a fresh coat of paint, new doors and a pretty pop of color inside. We really want to put something new on the floor, but that will have to wait a bit till we can finance it.

Look for updates in February!

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