365 Update 01/16-01/22

Another week under our belts and lots of great photos to show for it. Progress is happening all around us. Green things continue to grow, busy fingers have made lovely things come into being, we’ve traveled to and fro and we were reminded that nature in all its beauty can be terribly cold and cruel. Come visit our Flickr group to see all our photos and, if you dare, join us! Its never too late to begin.

Florrie's 016

Florrie's 017

Florrie's 020

Florrie's 018

Florrie's 019

Florrie's 020

Florrie's 021

Florrie's 022

Marie's 016

Marie's 016

Marie's 017

Marie's 018

Marie's 019

Marie's 020

Marie's 021

Marie's 022

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