File Make-Over

We all have those papers and documents that we must keep. The ones that can be difficult to store without them becoming a right mess, not to mention an eyesore. The papers that I am currently vexed by, are some magazine articles on art that I don’t want to be parted with (yet), some photocopies of recipes, and crafts, belly dancing techniques, paper that I handmade in college… you know the usual flotsam and jetsam. :O)

This is how I had them sorted and stored before. Simple, and it did the job, but it was not very nice to look at.

I found the file holder in the garbage in the building where I work. I think it used to have a high powered executive job in Polo Ralph Lauren. Its found a nice retirement with me.  I love NYC garbage. The folders were a hodge podge of things I picked up over the years. Like I said, did the trick, but not nice visually.

I wanted to not only re-organize and neaten, but spice it up a little, make it something even nicer to look at, something that blends in with my apartment, and best of all, makes me happy!

I found these really cute and inexpensive files at Staples. 12 folders for only $7. Fantastic!  And just look at how pretty they are!

So after purging a little bit of what I was holding on to, and also sorting and neatening it all looks so refreshed and pretty.

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