Indoor Day

I woke up this morning before the sun rose to the wind whipping around the house and causing all kinds of noise. It was that wind that comes from the south, warm and humid with a breath of spring on it. I know its only January, but it brings the promise of new things and springtime. I had to shut my window a bit (the steam heat gets a bit too warm at night sometimes) and I curled up and went back to sleep.

When I got up a few hours later the wind was still flying about outside, now joined by big fat raindrops. Its my day off from work today, and I really enjoy it when its wet and windy outside and I am dry and toasty warm, knitting in my chair and surfing the internet.

Florrie says that up at the Croakery the trees are bending dangerously in the wind, and that there is a suprising amount of bird activity. Especially the woodpeckers. Maybe a rainy windy day is invigorating for them.All I know is this, a rainy windy blustery day makes me want to cook and eat!  I made some pancakes for breakfast and I am gearing up for a roasted chicken for dinner, maybe with PW’s Fancy Macaroni. The temperature is starting to drop from where it was this morning. It is a day for hot comfort food, knitting and a fuzzy friend curled up on your lap. Enjoy it!

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