DIY Throw Pillows

I wanted to do something fun to dress up my bedroom, but I’m on a pretty tight budget. I had some lightweight charcoal gray wool that I found in the garbage at the Polo Ralph Lauren loading dock one day. (my company shares the loading dock) Thanks Ralph! So that was free, but its only a 12″ pillow, so you wouldn’t need very much fabric at all.

I bought some really pretty variegated threads at Purl Patchwork. I decided to use the red/pink thread for this project. They will only run you about $3 a spool.

I got some 12″ feather inserts from work. Normally they are only $6, but I got my discount of %40, so it was even cheaper! So far I have only spent about $6.00 on this pillow! Woo! So here’s how it put it all together.

I cut out the front square. Since the insert is only 12″, I cut a small 12 1/2 inch square. The biggest mistake people usually make with pillow covers is they make them too big. You want it to be snug and hug the insert. If it’s too big it may be baggy.

I ran this square through the sewing machine, stitching the colored thread into a graphic design. I free formed it, through you could sketch it out in chalk or disappearing ink before hand. I sew the pattern first, so that when I assemble the pillow the seam will make everything neat and prefect looking.

Then I cut out two back pieces that when fitted over the front square overlapped. This will create a tailored opening on the back so that you can slip your insert in and out easily.


I folded over one edge on the wrong side of each of these two back sections.

Then I arranged them, overlapping,  right sides together with the front piece and pinned along the entire outside edge.

Then I sew along the entire outer edge, doing a little back stitch action at all the corners for extra strength.

Trim the edges of each corner, being careful not to snip the thread. This will let the corners turn right side out with out bulk, and you’ll get a nice neat corner.

Turn the pillow cover right side out and use an obliging knitting needle end to gently pop the corners out.  This is the back side, with the flap for putting in your insert.

All that is left is to put in the insert, and fluff your pillow! Look at how easy that was! It will brighten up a room for a fraction of the price of some throw pillows that you can buy at your local home goods store.

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