Today is my birthday. :O)  It’s a very sunny but very cold day in NYC. But about 1,746 miles away in a big town in Texas it’s probably a little bit warmer and there is a little boy who is waking up excited that it’s also his birthday. He’s turning four today, and he’s my nephew. 

I remember when I got the phone call that he was being born a few years ago. I was on my lunch break from work (yes I work on my birthday) and I was booking it down Mercer St. in Manhattan to get to a store before I ran out of time. It was bitterly cold, I do remember that. I got a phone call from my Mum telling me that my sister-in-law had gone into labor and my nephew would be born any time now. I was so excited, and what a wonderful birthday present.

It was hard being so far away. I would have loved to have gone to the hospital and been there, but we’re separated by many states in between. We did go for a visit when he was about 6 months old and he was, naturally, adorable. But now that time has flown and he is practically old enough for school. He’s learning to read!  Its a shame we aren’t geographically closer. 


I wanted to do something for him that he would have for a while, so I started knitting him a blanket in December. I am a Robinson, so of course it’s not entirely finished. ;O)  My Mum’s mum knitted my brother and I blankets when we were kids, and I liked how this reminded me of it. I loved the blanket that she made me, and I had it for a very long time. As a matter of fact I think its at my parents house even today!

It’s super easy, you could make one too. I used about 4lbs of  Bernat Berella 4 afghan yarn in the color way Westport. It’s inexpensive and machine washable so its perfect for kids, and it’s really soft. Sadly though, I had to buy more halfway through, and they must have changed the color recipe, because it isn’t an exact match. But its close enough, and he’s four.. I’m sure he won’t care.

I cast on 187 stitches and knit 6 rows in garter stitch. I continued to knit the six stitches on either side of the project in garter stitch for a self border. The middle 175 stitches I broke up into 7 blocks of 25 stitches. I alternated them knit and purl to create a patchwork look. The rows would look something like this:

KNIT 6, PURL 25, KNIT 25, PURL 25, KNIT 25,PURL 25, KNIT 25,PURL 25, KNIT 6.

Then on the next row, the wrong side it would be the opposite:

KNIT 6,  KNIT 25, PURL 25, KNIT 25,PURL 25, KNIT 25,PURL 25, KNIT 25, KNIT 6.

Then when I had enough rows to make that chunk of knitting and purling look like a square I would switch. Where I had purld I would now knit and so on. With my needle and gauge I had to knit 30 rows for 25 stitches to make it a square. It makes a knit and purl checkerboard. Along the way I knitted his initials into some of the squares to personalize it. I just need to do one more row of squares and do 6 rows of garter stitch to finish it off. then It will be in the post and winging its way to Texas. I love sharing a birthday with him, especially since he’s my favorite nephew!

One thought on “Birthdays

  1. Happy Birthday! Mine was 4 days ago so we’re both Aquarius babies 🙂

    Love the blanket you are making for your nephew. Cute story, too.

    Happy knitting Birthday!

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