Primer and Painting

Over the weekend we finally finished the primer coats on the hallway and the kitchen. The hall was so dark that it required two coats, but the kitchen we feel confidant that one will be sufficent. I love the light in here now. We were previously told that plants wouldn’t fare well in the rear of the apartment, because the light was too dark. Lies!! Even on a snowy afternoon like today the light was gorgeous. This corner will have our shiny new kitchen cabinet in a few weeks, but till then my table looks grand there. Its our little sunny corner of happiness. Here’s a few more picts of the hall and kitchen in progress.

I painted the upper cabinet a bright and shiny white. The lower cabinets will be replaced sooner than later, so we didn’t want to waste our supplies on that. We can live with it for a bit.

The hallway in mid and full prime.











The bathroom only needed a few coats of a super white paint to give it new life. The tiles are a very retro niagara blue, so we figured that any wall color would be a distraction. White it is, and it looks fab now!


Here are the colors that we will use in the hall and kitchen.  The pale yellow is for the hall walls, the darker yellow is for the ceiling. In the kitchen we’re doing a little 40’s WWII feeling with this very pale, very pretty celery green, with the robins’s egg blue on the ceiling. The blue will also be inside the kitchen cabinets, and on the pantry walls.

I am so super excited!!! The color starts going on this weekend!

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