Today is an exciting day here at FlorrieMarie, why you may ask? Well today were a launching FLOMAil, our eletter! It’s a chance for us to try something new, have a little fun and for you to have a bit more of us. Every two months or so we’ll be sending out an eletter and it will contain some blurb form each of us and probably a craft and recipe that won’t feature on the blog. Beyond that there really isn’t a structure, it all depends on what’s going on with us.

This month you can download it from the blog, here it is……Feb pdf

If you’d like us to email you the next eletter or give us feedback or just want to send a message we’d love to here from you. Leave a comment, just send us an email to florriemarie@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “FLOMAil

  1. Tried to sign up via two different accounts… Both were returned as undeliverable. Is the email addy correct?

    • Sorry about that, we are still working out the email link. We have you email address and have added it to the mailing list manually. Thanks for reading. FlorrieMarie

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