Cocoa Latte

This my new love, and it appears that everyone who has visited The Croakery lately has fallen for it also. The Queen of the Galaxy aka my Mother purchased her own when she returned home from a visit.

It’s the Back to basics cocoa latte. It makes fabulous frothy coffee and hot chocolate as well as a host of other beverages. Since moving to the sticks I have missed being able to walk to get a latte, but this provides a perfect  caffeine fix with some bells and whistles.

So this is what I do;

I pour in a cup or two of milk. Feel free to make it with 50/50 water milk. Some days I add a splash of cream! There are little markings on the side to guide you.

Add in a heaped teaspoon..

…Or two of instant espresso.  I know instant espresso, but paraphrasing Tim Gun, I’m making it work. I like the brand Ferrara, but you could use instant coffee.

Press the switch to on and…

… The machine heats the milk and swishes it all around to dissolve the coffee.

Once it has reached it’s warming temperature it automatically stops

On the other side of the cocoa latte, there is this button, press it a let the machine froth away for a 3o seconds or so

Ready to drink

Place your cup or latte bowl under the dispense nozzle

Push the lever on the nozzle down and the coffee flows out


All that’s left now is too enjoy. f

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