Tree Tappin’

Earlier in the  week, I arrived home and to my delight there was a package waiting for me. Let’s take a peak inside..

OK, so you’ve probably figured out that I’m going to tap my trees for sap to turn into maple syrup.

This is how it all go started ; The other week,  I met a guy called Wesley, among other things he is a maple syrup producer.  It’s a relatively new venture for him and he spoke very passionately about it, some of the finer points being lost on me. Wesley said that on a small non commercial level there wasn’t  much to it. Anyway, it go me thinkin’ and that go me researchin’. It turns out that all Maple trees can be tapped for their sap!  Here at The Croakery we have a few scattered about, So I thought what the heck, it’s winter it’ll give me something (else) to do. I went to Tap my trees, and ordered my kit.

See how I got on tappin’ my trees

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