Tappin’ my trees

Me and my new drill

I was all set to go out and tap my trees for sap, when I realised that the drill I have needed to be plugged in, and with a couple of extension cords probably still wouldn’t reach the trees. So  after a few days delay, the waiting was driving me mad), I got  a cordless drill. I love power tools, love, love, love em.

Before I venture outside I make my drill bit with tape so that i don’t drill too far into my tree. 2 1/2 inches is the depth to drill.

oh boy!

I know there are maples hidden amongst all these trees. If I  were a forward planner, I would identified the maples in the summer when they were covered in leaves. I’m not, so I have to deduce and remember where I picked up some pretty coloured leaves in the autumn.

I'm guessing this one

I’m sure I remember maple leaves around this one. There are a few things to know before for tapping, Only tap a healthy tree that is 12 inches or greater in diameter. Although all maples can be tapped for sap, not all maples will sap equally. Sugar maples are the best, followed by black  then red then silver. I have no clue what type of maples I have. Hack I;m not entirely sure that this one is a maple. The other thing, In order for the sap to flow,the nighttime temp must be below freezing and the day time temp has to be above freeze.

Here goes

I’m drilling the hole at a slight angle so the sap can trickle out.

Sorry tree

The hole will heal over, and I will try not to tap the same tree next year.

A few taps with my hammer and the spile and hook are securely in.

Ok, the bucket is on, Where’s the sap? Lemme take a closer look

strumming fingers

Huuum, I kind of thought that the sap would flow straight away.

Lid on to keep out the elements and critters

I’m going to put the lid on,trust in nature and go tap my next tree.

For the record, when I tapped my second, I could heR the sap dripping in. I have one more bucket to use, but think I will wait to see if I get sap from either of these taps first. f

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