We are having CRAZY snow over in our neck of the woods at the moment. Lots of lots of heavy wet snow, and it just won’t go away. Up at The Croakery we have no electricity (going on day four now) so I’d like to apologise for not posting anything in a few days. We did flee to a hotel for a night, just to freshen & warm up properly.

Here are some photos of the snow, It’s pretty no doubt about that;

This was the beginning when the snowfall wasn't to heavy

The snow is so heavy it's weighing down the branches making little hide aways

The half frozen pond partially covered in fresh snow

A snowy path leading to the woods

A bench waits patiently for summer, to feel bottoms on it again

A sign of life on this fallen tree, down, but most certainly not out

Leaves that just refuse to give up the fight


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