Camp In

A big snow storm hit our area last week, as a result we lost all power at The Croakery for four days. The house basically runs on electricity and when that goes, there’s no heat or cooker and the pumps for the water stop also. However, there is a fireplace so we decided that it would be our salvation. I thought The Tiny Terror would have some issue when it got dark and there were no lights on, however he surprised me and took in his stride. I told him we were camping, so…

I cooked sausages for dinner

They had a certain smokey flavour, but were a big hit.

Waking up to freezing house is absolutely no fun. So I was determined to keep the fire going! I stoked and poked until finally I got enough heat to get the big logs going.

So I put the kettle on and

Made some hot chocolate for TTT to keep us warm.

The electricity is on again, so we are back to normal and toasty. However TTT is still asking me to make hot chocolate in the fire. f

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