Indulgent Cake Eater

Hello, my name is Florrie and I’m an indulgent cake eater. I have totally fallen for this lemon poppy pound cake that they sell in Bread Alone. It’s moist and has a great balance of tart lemon and sweetness. They don’t seem to have it all the time,which results in me having a tantrum on the inside while calmly ordering some other treat. This is where I get a tad obsessive… I have learnt which days they do have the cake  (9 out of 10 times I’m right), so I go and buy a couple of slices and stash it. The slices are generous to say the least, very generous, and at $2.50 a slice a bit of a bargain. I usually can’t eat a whole slice at once. I cut it in half and have it over two days. It goes great with tea, as well as coffee, I always thought lemon and coffee were an odd mix, but have since change my mind.

The pound cake comes in a few other varieties, but personally don’t think they compare to the luscious lemon one, that’s just my opinion.f

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