I’ve been so excited to collect the sap from tapping the maple trees, I’ve been checking every day and after about a week I figured there was enough to have a go a boil it down.

The sap

The sap is just like water; clear, thin and fairly tasteless.

Frozen sap on top of the cheese cloth filter

Cheese cloth over a measuring jug acts a filter.I pour filtered sap into a steralised  gallon milk container

Not bad for a weeks waiting

This is from one tree, about a gallon and a half. I thing the sap to syrup ratio is about 40:1, but I’m excited.

I had a tiny sip of sap and it tasted like very lightly sweetened water, but it had a freshness and purity to it. The sap can be used as it is, to make tea or coffee or to drink as is, but I want syrup.

In the little instruction booklet I got with the tree tapping equipment, they recommend that you build a fire and boil the sap outside as it takes a while and generates a lot of steam. Yeah, I’m not going to do that. It’s freezing cold and I have a Tiny Terror to watch. So inside it is.

The time is 12.26pm

I start with a the saucepan about 2/3 full.

The time is 12.38

A good rolling boil

The time is 12.46pm

Time to top up

The time is 12.52pm

The faintest of colour change is happening, I add more sap and  let it come back to a rolling boil

The time is 1.13pm

The colour is coming along, another top up

The time now is 2.09pm

My windows are dripping with condensation, and I feel like I’m inside a a humidifier. The sap has begun to thicken, not long now.

The time is now 3.03pm

So I was wrong about it not being long. An hour later and a few tastes later finally it’s syrup.

One small thing, I took my eye off it for a few minutes and think I may have over boiled it.

Seems a bit sugary

I haven’t got a candy thermometer, so had to guess.

Not bad for a first try

It’s more maple sugar than syrup, but the taste is divine, so fresh and delicate. The seasons not over, so I’ll have a few more attempts at getting it perfect. f

5 thoughts on “Sappin’

  1. Awesome! Good for you for giving this a try. We love maple syrup and since moving to a place with several maples on our property we’ve thought about doing this.

    • I tasted the sap straight from the tree, and it tastes like really weak sugar water. The syrup it produced had a freshness about it, the maple flavour is quite delicate.

  2. That’s AMAZNG! You really are a country girl at heart 🙂
    How many times can you try to get sap from one tree?

    All I have to say is that I am, as always, EXTREMELY impressed!

    • The sap season is from late January until late March, so you just leave the taps in for the 8 weeks or so and collect the sap every few days.

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