You happen a upon all sorts of things when driving around the countryside, one of those things was this;

A Painted Turtle

This is a painted turtle, and as you can see in the photo he is missing part of his front right leg, hence the name Gimpy.

Cobra Commander and I spotted him close to the side of the road. Before I knew what was happening, the car was parked across someone’s driveway and CC had sprung into rescue mode. CC scooped Gimpy up into the bag and headed back to the car. I slid over to the drivers seat, I thought it best i drive incase Gimpy escaped. He made a valiant effort, but the bag proved to be too tricky.

Amber belly and red markings

We have at least 2 of these in the pond already, but weren’t sure of their type until we found Gimpy.

Off he goes to his new home, I hope he’s happy and plays nice with the other tutles




One thought on “Gimpy

  1. Hi! OMG! I was driving down the road with my dad one day and we found a turtle right, so we brought it home and put it in our pond, then we took it out to “play” one day and we noticed it had no back leg! We also named it Gimpy! And it to is a painted turtle. I am so shocked that someone else found a painted turtle with no leg and named it Gimpy that it soo funny! – Kristi

    Go to and I will post a picture of my turtle and we can write back again! OMG! HAHA!

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