The Flat: Kitchen Rennovation almost complete!

We have been working hard since the beginning of March to make over our city kitchen.  I’m sure you remember the “before” pictures… If you don’t, you can look at them here. Dark, dismal, and a little bit creepy!

We worked hard to spackle holes and prime the walls, then make them gleem with new pretty color.

We have our high dining table with some smart new barstools.

We love our print! It was the catalyst for our 1940’s theme idea. Check out those adorable Alice salt and papper shakers. Murry found them at Fishes Eddy. They are awesome!

That corner to the left of the stove is reserved for our new cabinet/countertop. We need to get back to IKEA before that happens though. But look at that fab ceiling light! There’s another one in the pantry.

There were also stick on floor tiles on the kitchen countertop. Murray spent about an hour peeling them off with the steamer again, then we had to deal with the sticky mess. We tried several ways to get it off. Baking soda took off one layer of sticky residue. Step two was smearing veggie oil over the surface and letting it sit. Using the putty knife to scrape oil and glue off worked well and got a lot more off, but didn’t take it off completely. The last two steps were to sprinkle Comet cleaner and scrape it again with the putty knife, then Ajax did the rest, removing the last of the sticky residue. Now the counter top is gleaming! But my arms want to fall off!

I love the afternoon sun in the kitchen. It makes everything glow!

The pantry was a big project. The previous renter had put up floor tiles on the walls and they leave behind a horrid sticky mess. We had to use a steamer to peel them off the walls, goo gone them and then clean and paint. It was quite a process.

We put up the elfa shelving and now we have a well organized, working kitchen and pantry. It’s so great… so GREAT!  :O) Really the only things left to do are to make some pretty curtains, get our kitchen island/countertop and figure out a solution to the floor. It’s a horrible floor folks.  We’re thinking those lock in place wooden floor boards that sit on top of the existing floor. Anyone have some advice about those?

But in the meantime we are loving the transformation, the space is cheery, bright and a really nice place to hang out with friends and family and cook and eat. We truly love it.

3 thoughts on “The Flat: Kitchen Rennovation almost complete!

  1. Kitchen looks great!! Damn those former tenants with a penchant for sticky tiles!!!! This is the 1st blog i have ever responded to. What fun. But now I MUST go to sleep. Looking forward to the completed kitchen pics. xoxoxoxo

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