Early Harvests

This summer has already been quite a whirlwind! Florrie and I have both been caught up in all the activities and nice weather, and we have let our little blog languish a bit. It was purely accidental! We’re back (well I am currently, Florrie will be back very soon with tales of her travels in Europe and Africa to regale us!)

 This afternoon I got home from my early shift at work and decided to poke around in our container garden. I happily got a little mini harvest for my trouble. My hands smell so good right now and I’ll tell you why…

The lavender had several little sprouts of purple flowers so I snipped a few to put in some teeny vases in the hallway. They smell so heavenly and they are such a beautiful shade of intense indigo blue.

The with some marigolds from the window boxes out front, they make such a cheery addition to our yellow hallway.

Next I looked at my tomato plant and one of the ‘maters was a beautiful scarlet. I picked it and set it out on the shelf in the kitchen to soften a bit. Its destiny is to be in a fresh tomato sandwich. Soon my pretty!

I have several other green tomatoes that are starting to blush a little bit golden orange. Looks like a good year for tomatoes!

Next I had a look at the basil plants… when we first put them in the container we were certain that they couldn’t possibly make it. They were small and shriveled and sad. But a few weeks of blazing sunshine and plant food and they have become our comeback-kid of the containers.

They were getting so big I had to trim them down a bit so they wouldn’t get too leggy. The peppery aroma is lingering on my fingers with the lavender and it smells like summer.  These babies will be pureed into some pesto and served over some cold pasta, perhaps with some of those lovely tomatoes? Yes!

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