Container Garden Update

Things have been growing and sprouting and blooming over the past month and a half here at the Flat. Our container garden has evolved into something pretty cool. Fat tomatoes are hanging on the vine, teeny green peppers are forming and our zucchini and eggplant are putting out some very pretty blooms.

Our rosemary and basil are doing extremely well, this is the basil after a trimming and it still looks big! The lettuces behind it are also doing super.  We keep picking and it keeps growing.

The tomatoes are going strong too. The three we planted in the largest tomato are tied up together in a bamboo teepee and they have many blooms, and several green tomatoes. The tomato in the single pot has about 4 large fruits that are already turning from green into a pale orange.

The pepper plants are still a little on the small side, but they are hardy looking and have little green fruits forming.

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