September Wish List

The countdown to the official start to autumn has begun and the chill is already being carried on the morning breeze that is whispering around The Croakery.

A few more warm summer days

Although my  summer was fairly jammed with festivities, I feel that I didn’t manage to spend time  with half the people I wanted to. So a couple more beautiful weekends where I can hang out and relax with friends in the sun would be fabulous. One more al fresco party before the dining and fun is moved inside to shelter from the rain. A few more glasses (bottles) of rosé to sip on the deck, accompanied with idle summer chat. That would be perfect.

An escape to the spa

Even if it’s just for an hour, a little time to indulge me. I know, a tad selfish, but I’ve had a non stop couple of weeks and I would just like to let my mind go blank and have a chance to catch up to itself.

Vegetable garden

It’s been a year in the coming and I have failed to make much progress. I never did get round to making my raised beds, nor did the much needed fence make it up. I can hear the clock ticking and know that it really must be done before the ground frosts arrive. I made the mistake of not getting this done last autumn and thinking that spring would be the best time, however I now know that as soon as the ground is thawed something can be planted. I was playing catch up all this year, only to keep falling further and further behind.

Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

Nigella Kitchen

This is the wonderful Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook,it’s not available here until the 12th October, boo. So I’m considering paying international shipping to get it early. I really really want it now, that’s  my inner spoilt child speaking. If you’ve know me through this blog and podcasts then you know that I adore Nigella, I just know we would be great friends if we ever met! I can’t wait to see and cook her delectable new recipes

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