Memory Pup

My very good friend Lynn asked me to take a shirt that belonged to her father and turn it into his favorite pup, a scotty dog.  She had been holding onto the shirt for years, packed away and wanted to make it into something she could display, that would make her smile and remember her father when she saw it.

I found a super cute free scotty dog pattern online. I increased the size a little and traced it off my computer screen. The clever girl who drafted the pattern made her scotty out of felt, so I had to add a bit of seam allowance to the pattern. The soft, fine, flannel shirt was also in need of a bit of  support, so I ironed on some pelon interfacing before cutting the pattern out.  I used my pinking blade and quickly cut out the 6 simple pieces. I used the buttons from the shirt for eyes, and sewed them onto the sides of the head before I joined the pieces.

I pinned and stiched them together. This is a very easy pattern and it took me less than 2 hours to complete the job. One thing I would do a little differently next time, is also mark the pattern out on the pellon before cutting along the seam allowance, it would have made it easier to sew along the line I was supposed to be sewing on. It wasn’t hard, but it would have been more accurate.

I finished off stuffing him full of fluff and by adding a navy blue velvet ribbon collar. He really turned out darling. I haven’t presented him to Lynn yet, but I think she’s going to like him.


"Can I haz cheeseburger??"

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