A Little Fall-ward Thinking

Summer is yet to draw to an official close, but that hasn’t deterred me from planning and taking action on the things that will keep me toasty through the chilly months ahead. The mornings are cut with  a chill at the moment, but when the sun was blazing I whipped out my knitting needles and got to work. I am usually a last minute person, so I took myself be surprise by beginning a project with a fair amount of time to spare.

Out of character - chunky yarn!

For a change, and it’s a big one for me, I chose to knit with the super chunky thoroughly snuggley Twinkle handknits yarn. I fell head over heels for it’s softness and the beautiful dusky colours it comes in. Usually my yarn of choice is very fine and progress tends to be on the slower side, there is something so appealing about the instant gratification one gets from watching the piece grow when using thicker yarn.

Butterfly cable

The stitch I chose it from Vogue  knitting stitchionary 2 and it’s called butterfly knot. I love how the cable really pops and the different textures it combines. I’d envisioned are ridiculously long scarf that I could wrap around my neck many many times. However this plan is being revised for a couple of reasons a) chunky yarns knit up quickly, but tend not to have a lot of yardage and b) I only bought t skeins in this colour, thinking it would go further, and am now faced with the dilemma of not being able to get any more at the moment. Should I wait for it to arrive and deal with the dye lot issue or switch colours and alter my plan. f

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