My favourite things about autumn… The crisp fresh morning air, snuggling under my feather duvet, the glorious colours of autumn leaves, living in the middle of the woods one really has a great vantage point. Also autumn has the fun holidays like Halloween and thanksgiving.

My favourite food of the season… Freshly picked apples from the local orchard, the possibilities are endless.

Looking forward to cooking this season… Baking bread, it’s been far too hot to even consider having the oven on. Hearty stews like boeuf bourguignon, and roast potatoes and buffaloaf!

Autumnal drink… I’ll be finishing the last few bottles of the rosé and begin moving onto the heavier reds.

My autumn plans… The Tiny Terror’s Halloween party, a Thanks for friends Thanksgiving dinner, knitting gifts that have been on a promise since last Christmas. Preparing the vegetable garden for next years growing season. Squeezing in a quick trip somewhere and possibly re-upholstering a love seat.

What I’ll miss about summer… The late light evenings, I hate when it’s dark by 5.00pm.f

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