Preppy Cardigan

Earlier in the summer when I was dreaming of fall knitting I bought this gorgeous charcoal grey Cascade 220.

I have started to knit a sweater with it a couple of times, but last month I began anew and this time it took. I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ratio method working from the top down.

My inspiration for the cardigan is part Anthropologie Victorian elegant, and part 1980’s Preppy.  I cast on three times the amount of stitches at the neck and after knitting in seed stitch for an inch I decreased by knitting three together across the entire row to create a super cute ruffle. Once the neck was done I started increasing at four points over the shoulders to create the shoulder gusset.

This got a pretty, simple cable detail.  I portioned off six stitches around the center mark of each gusset increase and used a cable needle to make the twisty cables.

 The button placket is also in seed stitch.  Since I’m a bit busty I worked in short rows over the front. If you are also a busty gal and haven’t ever done short rows to increase the front of a sweater I highly recommend that you try it. It keeps garements from riding high in the front. I won’t go into too much detail here, but there are tons of tutorials out there on the internet and you should check them out. It will totally change your knitting! 

This picture is me modeling the progress before I did the short rows.  I’m not holding my hand behind my head to be cute, I’m holding up the other side of the neck… I can only put one arm in while its on the needles and it kept slipping down the back. I plan on doing some increases on the left and right sides so that the hemline has two lower points over each hip.  Once I have worked the body down to the hips I will go back and knit the sleeves. I’m thinking three quarter, possibly with another ruffle… but I have to see how it goes and more importantly how much yarn I have left by then.  I’ll post again once I have made more progress. Right now I have a lovely rainy Monday off to work on it.


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