I got the new issue of one of my favorite magazines last week.  There are loads of great looking things in there. Since the weather has turned fallish and rainy, what better time to make some soup! There’s a whole section of roasted vegetable soups, one that caught my eye was the Roasted Beet and Potato Borscht.

Since I had some beets languishing in my crisper I thought that the timing was perfect.  Sadly, beets have a tendency to languish in my crisper but these beauties got a chance to be something wonderful! :O)

Beets are quite possibly one of the prettiest vegetables out there. Marbled, magenta and jewel-like. Seriously, how gorgeous is that! It looks like I upped the color saturation in a photo program.. but I swear I didn’t. Its actually that color.

The recipe is really easy, your oven does most of the work. Then its a quick simmer on the stove top. Blitz and garnish. Easy peasy. I made a few small changes to the recipe to make it lower in calories, important to bolstering my efforts in slimming down.

I swapped out the chicken broth for lower fat turkey and reduced the amount by one cup, changed the sour cream garnish to low fat greek yogurt. The rest of the recipe was all vegetables so it was good to go.

The vegetables before the roasting…

And in all their caramalized glory after…

A quick deglazing of the pan. I don’t want any good bits to go to waste!

The whole business gets put in a pot, then I used my hand blender to blitz it up a bit, not totally smooth but still a little chunky.

This soup is so delicious. The recipe says it serves 4, but it makes 8 cups. A two cup serving seems like a lot to me, changed the number to eight one cup servings. A one cup serving is only 2 points on the Weight Watchers system. ( I am allotted 21 points for my current weight) The best part is that number includes the greek yogurt and scallion garnish.

Its really perfect for a cool rainy afternoon. Makes a great starter course, or with a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich you have a whole meal.  Go make some! You can thank me later. -M

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