Jam Labels

So, you’ve made your jams, jellies and preserves. Now you need to make sure that you remember what’s inside.  Or you need to decorate them to give away as gifts. Let’s make some labels!

Instead of the oh-so-country tradition of tying some gingham fabric over the top, I wanted to do something a little more modern and sleek.  I traced the inner lid of the jars I was using and cut out a bunch of circles. I used a nice heavy weight art paper, in a color that corresponded to my Peach Jam.

Then I grab my colored pencils and markers to decorate the top.  I like to make a blended edge that fades into the center. the textured paper makes this look very pretty.  I use a felt tipped marker to write the contents on the top. I will use a pencil to write simple direction on the reverse, such as “store in a cool dry place, refrigerate after opening” etc. I also have a paper punch that makes little ‘price tags’ and sometimes I like to add one of those looped around the band. 

You can crank them out assembly line style.

I love how its sleek, a little modern and not a bit fussy.  You can decorate the tops in any way that you feel inspired.  Now, go label your jam jars!

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