My Pretty New Baby

Let me tell you about how I was an extremely lucky girl!  My job sells Le Creuset pots, and for years I have coveted one, but as I’m sure you are well aware they are quite an investment.  I love the Carribean Blue color especially, but my store only stocks the Cobalt Blue.

Once a year we get an employee appreciation extra discount, but we aren’t allowed to buy anything that requires a special order; for example a Le Creuset pot in a non-stock color.  We had a few in stock in the size I wanted so I said to myself, “Self, just have a look at the Cobalt and maybe you’ll like it enough to get over the fact that you can’t order the color you want.”

I cracked open the orange box that was labeled Cobalt Blue and LO AND BEHOLD, when I flipped the lid around the ocean was shining up at me. It was a MISPICK! Some soul in France was distracted momentarily and a Carribean Blue pot was slipped into a box labeled Cobalt Blue, it was shipped to NYC and it was meant to be mine!  I was able to buy it with my extra discount and I took that gorgeous beauty home and now it lives on my cooker in its rightful place of honor.  :O)  I’m the happiest girl in the world today. -m

4 thoughts on “My Pretty New Baby

  1. Marie,
    What a happy story! Thank you. Dave G.

    PS And I once had a vacation condo on the Caribbean and the color does, infact, remind me of that wonderful time.

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