My Blueberry Teapot

I got this teapot when I lived in Buffalo in the mid nineties. It was my very first teapot and it instantly caught my eye.  I was walking down Elmwood Avenue past this little dress shop and it was sitting in the window, waving at me.  I love everything about it.  Its small, about 16oz, so its perfect to make a pot for just me or just me and a friend.  

I walked right in to the dress shop and bought the pot on the spot. I asked the sales lady if there was a matching creamer and sugar bowl, she said yes, but they weren’t in stock but that she would order it for me.  I checked back every week for about 3 weeks but it seems that she was a bit of a dingbat and kept forgetting to order it. Finally I came back a couple of weeks later and they were there!  Believe it or not she gave me the creamer for free since I had waited so long and didn’t flip out over her dingbattedness. :O) How nice! 

Today its keeping me company as I write and re knit (for the fifth time!) my pattern for a knitted coin purse.  I love it when the weather turns cool and I can spend a cozy day inside with good movies, my blueberry teapot and a knitting project. The only thing that would make it better, for me, is if it was grey and a bit rainy. Ooo, or SNOWY! I adore the snow. But if it were snowing  I would feel the urge to bake some cookies… mmmm cookies. I have been in the mood for gingerbread lately.

For now I’ll settle for some tea. The stamp on the bottom of the pot says April Cornell, with a long string of numbers.  I have tried googling the designer before to see if there are any other pieces, but I have never come across the elusive blueberry teapot. Wouldn’t some blueberry teacups be darling?  Hope you are having a nice cozy weekend too.  Cheers! -m

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