The Most Sublime Gingerbread, Evah.

Don’t you just love Nigella?

Don’t you just love Nigella? Well I have another reason why you should, as if we needed one more reason. It is within the pages of this book:

Its my go-to baking book. Everything I have ever made from it has been wonderful. On page 236 is a deceptively simple sounding recipe for gingerbread. Florrie was making this last Christmas and raved about it, she served it with creme fraiche ice cream… oh my, sounds like heaven.  I only made it myself this past Thanksgiving.  I needed to bring a few things to my boyfriend’s mum’s house and I wanted to bring a dessert.  This gingerbread is cake-like, moist and possibly the most tender cake I have ever eaten. Its dark and delicious.

I was a little skeptical about the lemon glaze… but it really makes the cake!  We’re doing a charity bake-sale at work next week, and I plan on making this recipe as mini loaves to sell. I will have to exercise a lot of self-control not to gobble it all up myself! -m

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