We Missed You!

Hello everyone!  I know its been a long time since we’ve posted, and for that I apologise. The busy holidays took over our lives and then we fell out of habit with blogging.  One major issue for me was that my old hand-me-down computer was on its last legs. Happily, after saving my pennies and with the help of my tax refund I got a shiny new MacBook last Friday and I am really excited to be back on track. With this new computer I will be able to publish knitting patterns with ease, edit pictures and blog blog blog!  I am going to republish the Falling Leaves (long overdue with corrections!) Scarflette, Wren Cowl and several other patterns that I have been writing and test knitting. I really am excited.

Yesterday I took a trip to the top of Manhattan to see the medival museum the Cloisters. Spring is certainly springing in the North East, there are bits of green pushing out of the black earth, buds are swelling on the trees. But its been cold. Soooo cold. So here’s proof that winter won’t last forever. Even though it feels like it!


So don’t be distressed my dears! Even though we’re still wrapped in winter coats and hats, just look around you for the little signs of spring. Its coming, though slowly, we just need a little more patience.

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