Chocolate Apples

I love playing around in the kitchen and seeing what happens. It doesn’t always go my way, but I always learn something. Candy apples are one of my favourite treats this time of year, so I wanted to try something new with them.

What you’ll need for this confection adventure.

1 large honeycrisp apple.

1 bag of gummy worms.

Flat wooden ice pop sticks.

10 oreos.

8 oz semi sweet chocolate.

A wide smoothie straw.

A sense of fun.

Remove the filling from the oreos and crush, somethimes I use a food processor and sometimes I beat them with a rolling pin in a zip lock bag.

Make little slits in the apple with the tip of a knife, this makes pushing in the blunt stick a little easier.

Slice the apples and pat a little with kitchen paper to dry them.

Melt the chocolate.

Make the holes in the apples using the straw.

Cover both sides with chocolate, it may need a little help as the choclate doesn’t really like the moist apple.

Roll in the cookie crumbs and stand in a glass.

Reapeat for the other slices.

Pull, poke strecth, weave the gummie worms in, out and around the holes on the apple.

Eat immediately, the coating will begin cracking and falling off.

I had to share this because the reaction on the face of my Tiny Terror was worth the mess.

After a little coaxing he dove in.

Happy Halloween. f


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