Postcards from Central Park













I went for a walk on my lunch break this afternoon.  I’m extremely fortunate to work so close to Central Park. Half a block away, as a matter of fact, and I don’t take advantage of that fact nearly as often as I should.  Last night and today were really the first truely cold days here in the city. It was 42 degrees farenheit when I left for work this morning.  There was no one on my block and I could see my breath.  Magic.  I love cold weather, so at noon I trekked out from my little office and walked the south east corner of the park and took some pictures.

As I started my walk I passed the newly gold-leafed statue of General Sherman in Grand Army Plaza. The fingertips of Victory, striding in front of his horse, were just beginning to glint in the sunshine. By the time I had made my way back around the entire statue was blazing in the sun.  Its amazing the difference a little gold leaf makes.

City leaves tend to turn the slowest, and often go from green to crunchy brown overnight. But there were lots of pretty colors on display today. School kids sat on benches along the glacial rocks eating their lunches and kicking their dangling feet. Ancient, old money, Park Avenue ladies were out on their daily constitutional.  A man going on loudly about the Euro into cell phone walking his two yappity chiuahuahs. A smattering of tourists and business people.

The one thing I saw but didn’t get a picture of, was a funny grey squirrel mama carrying a fuzzy little baby squirrel (a little late in the season for babies, no?) in its mouth, the teeny squirrel’s tail wrapped around her nose as she scampered past, up the path toward a tree.  I was so perplexed by seeing it that I didn’t think to take a picture until it was too late. At first I thought the mama squirrel was carrying a rat, it is NYC afterall.  So cute, and so weird.

I hope you’re having a crisp, beautiful October Thursday, wherever you are.   -Marie

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