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Note 01/03/2014: There has been a wee bit of confusion with a few readers on how to get the pattern so I am making it the link super clear at the top of the post.

Please click   **HERE**  to download the pattern directly.

If you would like to go to Ravelry and save it to your library click **HERE** .

If you are still having technical issues,  please feel free to send me an email at and I will get the PDF emailed to you right away.

But please try downloading it first.  Thank you so much!

Please read on if you would like instructions for the optional PomPom.

DSCN0118Oh, Hi Steinway Street!  Since I was making this hat for myself to replace the one that I had lost, I decided to name it after a place in which I find myself frequently.  The Steinway St. stop on the R & M line is my little slice of the MTA.  Twice a day, five days a week, and sometimes more! The blue of the yarn I used also reminded me of the blue tiles and pillars.


I have long admired the accordion-like ‘Mistake Rib’ stitch. Its squashy, springy, and very forgiving if you can’t get your gauge just right. Its like regular ribbing on steroids. Its super stretchy, and knit in a worsted weight wool its even stretchier. It creates a lovely, thick, warm fabric, with deep valleys and high peaks made by alternating rows of knit, purl and a surprisingly simple combination of each.  Excepting the decreases at the crown, the pattern is only two rows. It honestly doesn’t get much easier than that.

Now that we are getting deeper into November and the winter winds have begun to blow in earnest, a warm squashy hat is something that we all need. Especially me since I had left my old one in a cab!  This hat is very versatile because its pretty much unisex. The texture of the ribbing adds interest but its not overtly masculine nor feminine. It can be glammed up with color to make it more bold, or made in a subtler hue for more conservative types. DSCN0134



But my favorite part of this pattern? Its got interchangeable… POMPOMS!  You can make pompoms in whatever color suits your mood, matches your outfit or makes you grin! And when you want to shake things up, changing it out is as easy as opening and closing a safety-pin.


All you need is a darning needle, and a small safety-pin.  When you make your pompom (I used a clover 65cm pompom maker) and are ready to tie it off,  just cut a length of yarn that’s about 12 inches long. After tying it, don’t trim the ends. Instead thread them through a darning needle.


Use the needle to thread those ends through the little hole at the top of the hat. Pull them all the way through and flip your hat inside out. Steinway_Hat10

I tie my ends off into a big bow, just the loopy part, I skip the first overhand knot to make it easy to untie later. Then I pin the pompom to the hat, making sure I get the pin through both the hat, and through the middle of the knot. You don’t want that baby falling off mid commute.  Steinway_Hat11

And there it is! You can pompom it, or wear it plain. Make matchy pompoms or contrasting pompoms. Big silly pompoms or multiple little ones. Its really entirely up to you.


The Blue Sky Worsted is such a fat snuggly yarn, I can’t even describe how warm it is! It’s nearly the perfect wool.  If only alpaca didn’t make my nose tickle. lol At least it only does it while I’m knitting. Steinway_Hat13You can download your copy of the pattern on Ravelry


Happy knitting!  -Marie

76 thoughts on “Free Pattern : Steinway Hat

      • I went on this site because you tout this project as SIMPLE and yet I couldn’t understand it at all. I only knit on flat needles first of all. Secondly, I can only knit and pearl. The casing on of 4 plus 3 makes no sense to me.
        This is certainly not for beginners. I need a beginner childs hat.

      • Hi Maryann,
        I’m sorry if that was confusing for you! The stitch pattern is a repeat of four stitches, knits and purls. I can write out directions for straight needles if you like, it will just take me a little time.
        The 4 stitches plus 3 is just a way to cast on so that the repeat is staggered. If that doesn’t make sense, no worries. I can email you the directions this evening. I hope it helps you!

    • Hi! I don’t see why not, instead of joining in the round you could just knit back and forth. I would recommend using the chart to figure out the reverse side knits and purls. Let me know if you try it! If you are feeling brave I would recommend looking at tutorials on youtube or elsewhere online to give you tips for double pointed needles. They aren’t as hard as they seem!

  1. Hi, to knit the pattern flat cast on a multiple of 4 sts + 3. Start each row with K2, P2 and the rows will end with K2, P1. This keeps the mistake stitch rib correct.
    I just love this stitch and have done several hats and scarves in it.

  2. I love this hat and will try it as soon as I finish my 2 other running projects… a scarf and a cover for my kindle

  3. I love the hat(have made the scarf many times) However, I can’t find the full pattern
    instructions including the “in the round” directions and the decrease pattern for
    the top. Can you help direct me to the place to find the full pattern instructions.
    Thanks all. Barbara

    • Hi Barbara,
      The link at the end of the post will take you to Ravelry where you can download the pattern. Its a very simple two page pattern. All the instructions are there, working in the round and then the decreases. I’m not sure why you think parts are missing…

  4. This is the easiest hat to make, but when its finished, it looks complicated, I knitted it many times and also the matching scarf with it,

    • Hi Janice- there is a link to Ravelry at the end of the blog post. From there you can download the pattern.

      • The problem Janice is having may be the same one I had; When I went to Ravelry for the pattern and clicked on it what I got was only the first page without instructions.
        And I couldn’t get to the full copy. Is there a way to check that?

  5. I too would rather knit this flat. So, I CO 83 stitches for the adult size. Then, worked the first row. When I turn and go back; do I need to reverse the stitches on Row 2? (i.e., P where it says K, etc.) I don’t have a small circular needle and don’t like to use double pointed either. I just need to know if every even row needs to be reversed. Thanks.

    • Hi, without looking at the pattern at the moment I say yes, every other row should be reversed, the chart should make this easier.

      • Thanks, Marie.
        I don’t understand the charts either. Neither of them look as if they start with K2. I’ll reverse and try it that way. Thanks again.
        Granny Jo

      • Lol oops! The charts start at the bottom right and you read to the left, and upwards. I will try to write out flat directions this evening after I do my thanksgiving prep. 🙂

      • Hi again! I just uploaded a new version of the pattern to Ravelry. This version includes directions for knitting the hat flat. Hope you like it!

  6. Thank you, Marie, I keep checking for the directions for straight needles too. Love this hat.

  7. it is not for beginners! and complicated. And impossible to download….But looking good.

  8. Steinway? As in Astoria, Queens, NY? If so, we used to own a pharmacy on that street.

      • Ahhh, we were in the pharmacy in 1961, I think. A very long time ago!!

        Interesting that I had no problems whatsoever downloading the pattern. Technology is strange. I sure hope my To Do List isn’t too long to do. 😉

        I hope your weather warms up!!

  9. I’d love to make the hat but am unable to get to the complete pattern – I can only seem to get as far as the pompom instructions.

  10. Hi there,

    Love the Steinway hat but can’t download instructions ! Could you email me them
    Please as well as the flat version
    Many thanks and happy new year


    • Hello from Canada, I too would love to make this hat, especially with this freezing cold weather that we are experiencing here. Can you tell me how many balls of wool I would need to make this hat for an adult size. thank’s very much.

      Thanks again

    • Hi,
      You have to click on the link to Ravelry at the bottom of the post to download the free pattern. Thank you!

    • Hi,
      You have to click on the link to Ravelry at the bottom of the post to download the free pattern. Thank you!

  11. Florrie– I, too, love this stitch, which I used it to make a favorite scarf for my son. I knit hats for foster children ages 11-13. Would you be able to email the pattern along with some suggestions for modifying the size for smaller heads?

    Your April Scarf is beautiful and I intend to use that pattern, too.


  12. Yup, tried everything yo get the pattern to appear/download. How can I get it? Thanks!! Can you just e-mail? Ravelry site never opened.

    • Of course! Usually Ravelry is fine, but occasionally it can be a little glitchy. I’ll email it right away. 🙂

      • I’ve just tried getting it again but just get a white page that doesn’t load so could you please email it to me as well Julie Chesters

        Julie “A smile can brighten the darkest day”


  13. I was unable to download the pattern. Would it be possible to send the pattern to me?
    Thank you so much.

      • Well, I have to tell you that I am beginning to think that this is some kind of scam to get me to enrole because when I go to the website or read down in your e-mails all I am now getting is the type of wool, needle size, dementions etc. but there is nothing to say how to make the pattern, how many stitches to cast on etc.  What good is all that you have forwarded if you dont say how to proceed.   I spent half of Saturday trying to down load and now I have just opened this e-mail and it is incomplete.

        I say forget it, I will get a pattern to make a hat from elsewhere.  I am totally disappointed in you and your server provider.

        Marie Dinelle

      • I can tell you that this is definitely not any kind of scam. I sell my patterns through which is a very well known and well respected website community for knitters and crocheters. They, very graciously, host the digital information so that I don’t use up all of my storage space here on the blog.

        The format on Ravelry is standard. On the main pattern page it gives you the all the information for the pattern such as yarn suggestions, yardage, gauge. In the sidebar on the right there is a link to download the pattern titles ‘download’. You do not need to join Ravelry, you can download free patterns and purchase patterns as a guest. Occasionally, albeit rarely, Ravelry can be glitchy and when you click it you won’t get a download, but a blank page. This could be because Ravelry’s server has a lot of traffic or perhaps there is an issue with the software or internet connection on your computer.

        While I am sorry that downloading was difficult for you, it isn’t because of any lack of diligence on my part.

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