Aqua Addiction

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, I’m sure you have noticed my affinity for the color aqua. I really do love all colors, but aqua is a color that always makes me smile. Its bright, cheerful and happy.

My day job gives its employees a generous extra discount on merchandise this time of year. Do you remember the miracle of the Le Creuset pot a few years back? Last week I took advantage of it in a big way. Originally I had a white KitchenAid mixer because I wanted to buy one using my discount at work, but the color selection was really limited. White, black or grey. Yawn!  This spring, however, that changed! We had aqua (KitchenAid calls it Sky Blue)!  I quickly found a buyer for my white mixer, cause, ya know, I really can’t justify TWO mixers. lol  Then this happened… aqua_mixer2Isn’t she lovely? I’m a very happy girl. She matches the Le Creuset nicely, don’t you think? 🙂 I have happy little pops of the Caribbean in my kitchen. First up on deck today is a batch of Great Grandma Legault’s Banana Bread. I finally have enough black bananas in the freezer to do a batch justice. Then maybe another batch of Nigella’s Gingerbread? Its going to be a cheerful holiday baking season at the flat.  -Marie


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