DIY: Tile Back Splash Part One

I’ve been seeing white subway tiles on Pinterest, and in magazines for ages and I have always loved the clean fresh look of them. While I do rent the flat,  I figured this would be a nice inexpensive way to give the kitchen a little refreshing face lift. After getting the all clear from the landlord I took a trip to Home Depot with my roommate’s contractor girlfriend. (she’s a good person to know if you’re planning on doing a construction project) 🙂  Here’s a photo gallery of the back splash project.  In this episode we removed the hardware, in this case a shelf and electrical outlet cover, and prepped the wall. We sanded it down since it was a painted wall and made sure all the grease and oil that accumulates on kitchen walls was scrubbed off.  We used 12×12 inch sheets of pre-spaced tiles and started putting them up with the mortar.


Before. Painted white with a faux steel trim (contact paper!)


Removing the hardware and starting the wall prep. A good scrub and a sanding happened next.


Applying the mortar and getting the tiles on the wall!


We’re getting into the corners, time to trim the sheets to fit.


Only halfway done and I LOVE the way it looks already.

Added a grey glass decorative edging along the top that matches the dark grey counter top.

Now we let the mortar cure for a day. I’m waiting a couple of days because I’m a busy girl, but we may grout as soon as tonight. Not too shabby for $100!  I’m really pleased and I was surprised at how simple the process really was.  Stay tuned for the final product in the new year. -Marie

2 thoughts on “DIY: Tile Back Splash Part One

    • Nope, that’s Mink, the contractor girlfriend who held my hand through the process. she made it all sooooo easy!

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