52 Project: 2/52


I nearly missed taking my picture today, work is very busy this week. Lots of planning and very important meetings and tons more logistics than your average Monday. A dozen or so managers coming to town from DC and Boston, not to mention the entire NY team. That’s a lot of people to wrangle. But I like my job so it’s fine by me.  Besides, its a four day work week because VOGUE KNITTING LIVE is this weekend, (!!!!!!) so distractions to make this week go by fast are just what’s in order.  On to the picture…20140113-140533.jpg

2/52 01.13.2014  Quite warm for January weather. It’s a balmy 40 degrees (F).  Balmy compared to last week’s Polar Vortex 2 degrees, anyway.  People aren’t nearly as bundled up and the sky is a lovely silvery grey.  It feels almost springlike, though we all know that’s several weeks off.   I would have gone down into the park to take another picture of the glacial rock and the pond, but my Monday got away from me and there just wasn’t time.  Perhaps next week!  so instead I got this shot of the Strand book seller by the subway.  I love the cobblestones here, makes me want to knit in herringbone stitch.  Have a great day!



One thought on “52 Project: 2/52

  1. Keep up the Central Park pictures! I know you want to take them every day and that’s a good goal, but life doe go on. I love seeing pictures of “my” New York!

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