52 Project: 4/52


Another quiet Monday in mid-town.  The temperatures are nearly 40 again, but we’re supposed to plummet back down into the single digits by tonight. Today’s photo gives us the vestiges of our snow storm last Tuesday. We ended up with nearly a foot of snow, but it was so cold out that it was the super light fluffy stuff. You could have cleaned your car off with a feather duster it was so light and non-stick.  I thought it was unfortunate last week that my picture day is Monday, because Tuesday’s picture was far superior. I snapped a picture around noontime, after the snow had started, but before any major accumulation had happened.


Isn’t that a more interesting picture? Ah well. I guess my 52 project will just have to have 53 pictures. lol  I’m sure no one will mind. Don’t those trees remind you of the impressionist paintings of New York? The one that comes to mind for me is Childe Hassam’s Late Afternoon, New York, winter.

I know a lot of people have a moan about winter,  but I really love it.  I love the bracing cold, and the grey skies. I love being out in the crisp air, and then coming home to my warm house and a hot coffee. I love snuggling on the couch with my knitting spread out around me like a woolly nest.  Its all quite nice in my book.  I hope your Monday is wonderful, whatever your weather!

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