A Birthday Giveaway!

We have a lot to celebrate around these parts, we are teetering on the brink of having 400 followers on our little piece of the internet and its thrilling!

We’re also in the depths of winter, or as I like to refer to it, Prime Knitting Season. A lot of people don’t care for January, as there are no glittering holidays to decorate for, or parties and holiday food to nibble on.  But January, to me anyway, means wintry beauty, finally being comfortable (I don’t do very well in the heat) cuddling up to my wool without it making me sweat, brisk outdoors and cozy indoors. January also means its my birthday! So since today is my birthday and since everyone is coming down off their holiday high, and in need of a pop of color in their life we’re giving away this beautiful Elka Mug from Anthropologie.


Who wouldn’t love to curl up with a steamy cuppa on a cold January night? What a cheerful color to brighten even the wintriest of winter mornings.


TO BE ENTERED IN THE GIVEAWAY:  simply click on the link in the sidebar to follow FlorrieMarie on WordPress and you have a chance to win! Once we reach 400 we will randomly choose one winner from all of our followers, so don’t worry if you’re already following, you’re in!!


If you like, leave us a comment letting us know what you love about January!

Disclaimer: We simply love this mug from Anthropologie, they didn’t ask us to give it away or link to the website, and we weren’t paid to promote it. Its just super pretty and we wanted to share the love.

5 thoughts on “A Birthday Giveaway!

  1. In January I love cold snowy days that keep you in so you can cook up a slow simmering soup and knit.

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  2. Happy, happy Birthday! I wish you a lovely year full of new yarn. I’m sure you are going to love it. I love January because I can knit peacefully and starts new projects thinking I have a new year to fill.

  3. Happy Birthday! I love most about your blog the cheerful posts I can look forward too. I am happy to see your posts in my inbox.

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