52 Project: 5/52


Well, winter isn’t done with us yet! I’m quite pleased that it cooperated this time and snowed on picture day.  The white stuff started falling before daybreak this morning, and by the time I got to midtown everything was covered.  Unlike the last storm, this batch is wet and sticky, bad for commuting but so beautiful. Every iron railing, newspaper box and twig was coated with snow. It can make even a filthy city beautiful, if just for a few hours.

I left a little bit early to afford me some time to walk through my corner of the park and snap a few more pictures.


I took my February picture of the glacial rock by the pond. Its so massive and black in the snow. Its beautiful. Very different from the fog pictures you can make out the bridge in the distance this morning.

20140203-091137.jpgThe snow was thickly coated on everything, its magical. And its still coming down. We’re supposed to get 5 to 8 inches by 5pm.  Perhaps if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll take another walk at lunch time.

20140203-091157.jpgSo on that note, I leave you and wish you a very happy and cozy Monday!  -Marie

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