Sochi aka The Dirty Downhill

Oh the weather outside is frightful, again! In honor of the athletes and their incredible hard work, we say cheers to you!
Here’s a tipple that’s creamy and a goes down a little too easily.

I can’t decide which name I prefer so I’ll just use both.

1 cup of ice
1 shot of vodka
1 shot of kahlua
1/2 shots of ameretto
4 shots of baileys
2 shots of milk

Combine the ice, vodka, kahlua and ameretto in a blender until the ice has been crushed into tiny pieces.

Split between two glasses.

Add 2 shots of baileys and 1 shot of milk to each glass.

Swirl together, sip, relax and let the games begin.

Oooh, a little side note, if you are in the middle of a snow storm, set out a container to catch some fresh snow and try pouring the liquors ove that instead of bltzing with ice.
Cheers F.

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