52 Project: 9/52

20140303-105946.jpgIt’s finally March… although looking at the picture above you might not know it.  In spite of the little bit of snow over night there are signs of spring. I’ve seen a few little spiky green crocus and daffodil shoots poking out of the dark soil in the gardens along my street.  The buds on the trees are beginning to swell.  We have several cherry trees on my block that were planted by the city and they have the prettiest red branches that are getting redder by the day, and the flower buds are growing, believe it or not.  Spring usually rushes in in New York City. I wish it were a longer, more drawn out affair, but it always seems to happen the same way every year. Its cold cold cold and then one day you wake up and everything is covered with delicate green and flowers are bursting from the parks and the medians along Park Avenue.

I’ve been looking online lately planning my little city container garden. I think I’ll skip the tomatoes this year, I had terrible blight the past two years, and I may plant some flowers and stick to herbs and lettuces.  I’m ready March, lets get going!  -Marie

2 thoughts on “52 Project: 9/52

  1. Hi Marie …about your tomatoes..does anyone smoke and was near your tomatoes? Tobacco can give your tomatoes a nasty virus. It is blzzarding here in Buffalo’ish.. I am so DONE with winter… Good thing I have “green” in my house or I would be in really bad shape!! I may be able to start planting in july!

    • No, none smokes at all. They’re in containers outside so imagine it was something blown around in the air, or I might have unknowingly bought a plant with disease at some point. Oh well. 🙂 worse things could happen to me. Winter is giving it one last hurrah I see?! Lol

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