52 Project: 10/52

20140310-105106.jpgWhat a strange morning. I woke up at the normal time, but because of daylight savings time springing forward and the overcast nature of the morning it was quite dark, and my body protested. Snooze was hit more times than normal. By the time I finally was dressed and ready to leave the sun was up, but it was till grey. I looked at my weather channel app and it promised nearly 50 degrees this afternoon and as I was already sick of my winter overcoat I protested and wore a sweater as outerwear.

During the winter months my iPhone usually goes into my deep coat pocket for my commute, but this day it went into my rather shallow sweater pocket. I didn’t think of it again until I was dashing down to the subway stairs to catch the R train that was idling at the platform.  I ran towards the open door, I was going to make it!  Suddenly, BOOP my phone came tumbling out of the pocket and then PUNT my foot kicked it. It popped free from the tether of my ear buds and skittered, face first, across the platform only to disappear in the gap. I stood, open mouthed as the doors bing-bonged closed, and the train pulled away.  I’ve heard too many horror stories of people recklessly jumping down onto the tracks to retrieve phones and the like.  The tracks are deep… 4 1/2 to 5 feet deep and I didn’t trust my upper body strength to get me back out.  In spite of all the evidence it was my lucky day.  There were three MTA workers by the stairs (mind you on an average day I see ZERO MTA workers so it was a very lucky break that they were there at all).  I asked if they would help me since there was no station agent at my end of the platform and in a flash one of them hopped down to retrieve the phone then the other two hoisted him back up. I stammered my thanks and tried to offer him a tip (the measly $3 I had in my wallet) but he refused it with a smile.  SUCH a nice group of guys.

Miraculously my phone was fine, not a scratch on it in spite of my punt, the face first skid and the 5 foot drop. I have an amazing case for it (Tech21 I HIGHLY recommend these cases, worth every single penny) And in the end I was only about 3 minutes late AND I managed to get my picture for you this morning.  When I came out of the subway in midtown there was a flurry of snow in the air. I love it when it all works out. -Marie


One thought on “52 Project: 10/52

  1. Boy, were you ever lucky, glad you didn’t try to sprint down to retreive for yourself. Its lovely and sunny here in Toronto, Ont. but much too cool for a sweater yet. It’s 28 degree’s here. Love reading your blog each morning.

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