Spring? Spring!

Its funny how spring seems to creep in, quietly at first so that you barely even notice. The nights, (and many of the days) are still bitterly cold, but the days stretch out a little longer, the sun setting a few minutes later every evening.

Even with snowflakes in the air and brisk winds, spring is stirring.  Pointed green spears of crocus and tulips and daffodils are pushing their way out of the softening earth.  The leaf buds on the trees are growing and swelling, waiting for a longer stretch of warmth to unfurl.  The tendrils on the willow trees are already turning bright yellow. Forsythia bushes follow suit with their orange-y yellow branches. It happens a bit faster down in the city, the concrete and brick giving the sun’s warming rays a little staying power. Upstate on Florrie’s mountain there are still inches of ice and snow drifts around.  However if you look up into the woods you’ll see the first flushes of spring throughout the trees. Some red, some yellow, some palest green.  Once that snow and ice melts I bet you anything that the bulbs Florrie planted last fall are already making their way out of the ground.

The anticipation builds over the entire chilly month of March, and as slowly as spring creeps in at first, its always seems to spill over rather quickly when things finally start to bloom. In the space of three or four warm days, it all seems to happen at once.  If you’ve been paying attention, though,  you’ll know its been happening for weeks.  It’s too early to stop and smell the roses… but perhaps you’ll pause to spy the crocus?


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